Take the Stress Off

Coloring Book

You have 24 different colors to color 6 images. Save, Pring and Share Your Work! Start coloring digitally today!

Animal Puzzle

Not your typical drag and drop puzzle, these puzzles force you to think and plan ahead as you slide one piece at a time.Β 

The Angler

It’s time to go fishing! Drop your bait, move your boat and work your way towards a high score. Make sure you avoid the sharks though!

Snake Attack!

Eat all the yummy fruits and become the biggest snake! But watch out for the pesky snakes that will chase you to kill you!

Whack a Mole

Hit as many moles as possible before time runs out.Get the Super Hammer Power-up to double your points!

Tap a Rat

Are you ready to β€˜tap’ some rats? Collect mice and bonus before time runs out. Collect coins and try to beat your best score!