North America


Food. Water. Shelter. Space. Together, these four things make a habitat. Without all four in place, no animal will be able to live. At Habitat Hollow, children can explore everything that goes into making a habitat _ and which habitats can be found in Ohio.

Including My House, My Backyard and My Barn, Habitat Hollow is a fun and interactive area located in the North America region of the Zoo. Created from recycled materials and designed as a magical storybook place about wild life and wild places, colorful, interactive exhibits are used to engage our youngest visitors, ages two to 10. Children may jump, climb, crawl and tumble as they explore the beauty of the marsh, forest, and prairie habitats housed within My House. The visit to My House culminates in the kitchen, where our visitors can learn ways they can help the environment.

Outside of My House, Habitat Hollow offers a real prairie, wetland, and forest habitat full of Ohioês native species. The path outside of My House ends at My Barn, where guests and their children can have hands on interactions with the many animals that call My Barn home.

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