The Badger is a fur covered mammal with profile and short legs. The mind appears little and pointed. They’ve a short tail and brief ears. Badgers weigh 4 to 12 kg. Your body is flattened, and on the legs are stocky and short. Your fur on the back and sides of on the animal varies from grayish to reddish. The chest is a buffy color. A white stripe extends back on the mind from the nose. Badgers are located in the Great Plains area of North America where they live. Badgers happen north across the Canadian provinces that are central, in habitat during the USA, and south during the mountainous areas of Mexico. 

Badgers prefer to live at dry, open grasslands, fields, and pastures. They’re located to sea level from alpine meadows. Click the range map to understand more about Badgers distribution in Washington. What they eat: Badgers are carnivorous. They eat a wide selection of animals, including ground squirrels, pocket gophers, moles, marmots, prairie dogs, woodrats, kangaroo rats, deer mice, and voles. They also eat insects and birds. Behavior: Badgers are solitary animals who’re mainly active during the night. They have a tendency to be inactive throughout the winter months. They are not true hibernators, but spend a lot of the winter. 

– Badgers are known to be digging machines that were outstanding. Their powerfully constructed forelimbs let them tunnel with other substrates. Burrows are constructed by them for sleeping and security. If threatened, they utilize hissing, growling and biting for protection. Reproduction: Female badgers prepare a grass lined den prior to giving birth. Badgers are born blind and defenseless with only a thin coat of fur. The eyes of the kids open at 4 to six weeks old. Your young are nursed by their mother until they’re 2 to 3 months old. The cubs might emerge in the den as early as five to six weeks old.


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