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They’ve been known to eat fruits, likely. The name Aardvark means ground pig and not only are they carnivores they could be classified as carnivores for eating termites since they’re specialized. They dismantle the hills and do that by moving from one mound to another. Occasionally they’re also classified as being insectivores. Insects are covered with saliva and are trapped. Sometimes the aardvark sucks termites this way up and presses its snout. They’re and animals that possess a sense of odor search for columns of termites which move during the night outside their mounds. These animals are designed bristles around its mouth, along with possessing 10 cheek lacking incisors and canines. 

What’s very intriguing is that unlike most animals, their tooth isn’t made from enamel like a humans tooth. The aardvarks tooth are created from a kind of cement. Together with cement tooth and smelling that is eager, they’re also very good at hearing that helps them locate their prey. These animals are available with their sense of hearing and odor after which use their claws to dig into their mounds and get them and to locate insects. Their claws are spoon-shaped, that helps them grasp onto their prey easier. One benefit an aardvarks prey can have on these creatures is that aardvarks are usually known for having very poor eyesight. 

Nevertheless, termites are most likely still not a match for aardvarks once they’ve already located the mounds wherein these insects reside, as they may readily trap and suck up the prey before the termites even know what’s happening.



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